Christian Audio Adventures... Are The Perfect Gift To Inspire Kids Of All Ages... In Difficult Times!

Wholesome Christian Audio Adventures That Bring Christian History To Life

The Whole Family Will Listen To Over And Over!

BEST PART: “Worldview” friendly Christian audio listening teaches valuable life lessons and Christian history at the same time…
adventures in odyssey

"It’s History Coming To Life!"

“Adventure, intrigue…  these stories will keep you on the edge of your seat and show how God is a part of all history.”

- Chris Anthony, Voice of Chris on Adventures in Odyssey

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wanted to give an educational gift that would be a lot of fun for your kids…

As well as have lasting value and provide spiritual benefits… that could last a lifetime?

A gift you could even call an “investment” in the next generation?

If so, and cultivating a Christian worldview makes sense to you…

You’re in the right place! In fact, I’m so excited about this…

I’m even going to give you a pretty big reward…

Just for getting the details on this year’s offer.

“Award Winning Christian Audio Adventures!”

Looking To Make Christian History Come Alive For Your Family In 2024?  

Watch The "In Freedom's Cause" Trailer Filmed In Our London Studio By A BBC News Team

Hi, I’m Bill Heid... and I’m the Executive Producer of the Extraordinary Adventures Of G. A. Henty Audio Adventure Series.

A father of 5 children and grandfather of 19 with more on the way before the end of the year. I’ve written over 400 articles over the years on theology, raising kids and the importance of a Christian Worldview.

So, what’s the gift you can give your kids that’s going to be a lot of fun... and teach exciting Christian history as well?


Provide extraordinary role models…

As well as inspire and build faith...

Christian Audio With A Distinctive Christian Worldview!

Our Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty audio series…

Our complete Christian Audio Adventure library… each valued at $29.95

Right now, you can get...

“All ten” Audio Adventures from the Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty...

At an extraordinary price!

But first, for those of you… that haven’t heard about us...

We Produce Christian Audio Adventures 

That Bring History To Life!

Watch The "With Lee In Virginia" Trailer Filmed Behind The Scenes In Hollywood

We call our productions... “Christian Audio Adventures”

Because the goal really is to transport the listener back in time to important events in the past…

Bringing “history to life” for you and your family.

What’s great… is the Christian Audio Adventures are actually a lot like “movies”… but they aren’t played in a theater or on TV…

Rather… they’re played in the theater of the mind…

Which is why Audio Adventures help instead of harm a child’s cognitive development.

These are stories that will ignite your child’s imagination!

And… according to studies… the stories can actually improve critical thinking… vocabulary… comprehension… even attention span.

All pretty important, right?

“These are awesome stories!”

“My son can’t wait for the next one.”

- Kirk Cameron, Actor (Fireproof, Monumental)

But the real reason I’ve created the Extraordinary Adventures Of G.A. Henty Audio series…

Is to provide parents and grandparents with a fun way to communicate Biblical values…

And principles as they’re applied to real life… and done in a way that will engage your kids… rather than bore them to tears…

One of our customers even called our Christian Audio Adventures “Disney for the ears” but with a distinctly “God centered” view of history

History is, after all, HIS story. OK… here’s how we like to tell “His” story.

"These are really top-notch, audio theater experiences as well as an entertaining way to learn some history."

"New presentations from Heirloom Audio are really something special. The script writers, the sound engineer, the actors, the creator of the musical score, and others involved in making these productions have been involved in major, critically-acclaimed productions, and their expertise shows!"

Cathy Duffy Reviews

 Exciting Stories... The Whole Family Will Listen To!

First, our Christian Audio Adventures are designed for the whole family - ages 6 to 100.

Each Adventure is around two and a half hours long… and they’re produced at the world famous… Sound-House theatre in London.

The very same studio Focus on The Family’s remarkable “Radio Theatre” stories are recorded. Stories like C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, The “Amazing Grace” story about Newton and Wilberforce and Dicken’s wonderful Christmas Carol.

And like the Radio Theatre stories… our Audio Adventures are not books being read…

Instead, they’re “full sound”, “full broadcast” productions!

Featuring world class actors and actresses with amazing sound effects…

chronicles of narnia audio
the hobbit audio
adventures in odyssey audio

And original music scores written by an

Emmy award winning composer.

award winning audio

“These Are Epic Stories... Your Entire Family Will Love Them!” 

- John Campbell (Emmy Award Winning Composer)

christian audio

Here’s a quick sample…

…a 60-second trailer from one of our productions… Captain Bayley’s Heir!

An award-winning story about the gold rush days in the old west.

award winning audio

I love that story… and I think you’ll agree with me…

There is no better time than right now for our children to hear wholesome stories like these… stories that lift the spirit and teach God’s timeless truths.

What's fun is... your kids won't even know they're learning important Christian history.

The Audio Adventures are great for family listening at home… with some popcorn… by a warm fire… but they're perfect for holiday road trips too...


Each production also comes with a “done for you” parent interactive Worldview Guide…

Loaded with ways for you to engage your kids…

And designed to create opportunities to talk about important life issues…

All from a distinctively Christian world and life view.

 Christian World And Life View - Done For You!

The nice part? ... is that you can even use the Audio Adventures… and the “Done For You”

Worldview Guide… as curriculum to create a stand-alone history class if you like.

Here’s why this is a great deal and a great gift package for the whole family…

Each Audio Adventure comes as a 2-CD set and is sold normally for $29.95.

So, if you bought all ten at the retail price – you’d pay around $300.00.

The ten “Done For You” Worldview Guides are sold separately for $20.00 each…

So that’s another $200.00 value… if you have your “frugal parent” pencil out and you’re keeping track.

Anthony Daniels

“Real action stories with strong moral elements!”

"Plots and counter plots make for thrilling storytelling.”

- Anthony Daniels, Actor (C3PO – Star Wars)

Great For Family Road Trips!

Family Listening By The Fire!

The Single Best Christian Entertainment

 And Worldview Education Investment You Ever Make!

You already know I’m not going to ask you to pay $500.00… or anywhere near that today… which is the exciting part… and probably why you’re still reading this.

Here’s a quick list of the audio productions you get with this year’s offer:

(Each production is a 2-CD set and is valued at $29.95)

And the best part?

Our Christian Audio Adventures will keep your kids excited and on the edge of their seats… but don’t take my word for it…

See what other parents and grandparents are saying. Lots of 5-star reviews there from other Christian parents and grandparents… just like you!

“My 7 yr old son loves anything that has to do with history and therefore loves In Freedom’s Cause. He also enjoys Under Drake’s Flag and keeps asking when we can get more! These are very well-made audio dramas, and if you close your eyes, you can see it all playing out like a movie in your head. As parents, we appreciate the quality and historical content, as well as the Christian influence which is lacking in so many movies, audio dramas, and books today.”

Rhonda F.

“These are high quality productions complete with a cast of many voices and sound effects. We never take a car trip without several audio stories to listen to, many we’ve heard several times over. The kids actually hate rest stops because it means having to pause the story temporarily. Looking forward to future releases. I would not hesitate to purchase any audio from Heirloom.”

Dorothy J.

"Perfect road trip audio enjoyed by 14-56 yr old family. Quality, clean, historical storyline of living faithful lives in all manner of situations, including the very stressful chaos of war. Each part left you wanting for more. Excellent use of characters and background sounds. Recommend 100% for family time activity.”

Dennis R.

“My children were very enthralled with the audio set. Only gripe they have is that they wished the story was longer. They all said “aww it’s over already”. It’s great when they can be content without a tv or video game.”

Betty S.

"If there were more stars, I’d put it higher!!! We love this drama! It’s awesomeazing!”

The Spencer Family

"This is like Disney for the ears!”  I think the best home school curriculum for the money. 

Brian Keith Voiles

These are Parents and Grandparents who want edifying entertainment that truly reflects a Christian world and life view. And like me… I know that you know… just how important it is… to nourish your kids with powerful Christian values as they grow.

What could be more important, right?

 Here’s Why Christian Audio Is So Important!

You see to me… the single most important thing… is to get great Christian worldview resources into the hands of parents and grandparents… so they can equip the next generation… to let folks know… that there are quality, wholesome alternatives to secular and humanistic entertainment. (And they could also be the most "fun history" you and your kids will ever hear.)

Because… in my mind… instead of being salt… as Christian parents and grandparents… we’re rapidly losing our kids to the secular culture.

I mean… you don’t have to be Ken Ham to see that, do you? That’s why I’m so excited about offering what’s going to look like a “too good to be true” price on our complete Christian Audio Adventure Worldview Library this year.

 A "Too Good To Be True" Price?

Now I know that when you hear something like that…

You’re probably thinking, alright… “what’s the catch?”

There always seems to be a catch, right? Because we all know that if something sounds too good to be true… better slow down and take a closer look… the Bible talks a lot about wisdom and discernment…

So be discerning! I’m not offended…

Actually… I think it’s a sign of intelligence to be a bit cautious. So yes… “full transparency” … there’s a small catch…

Actually, two of them… but they are easy and pain-free… I promise

 What’s The Catch?

The first “small catch” … is that you have to agree to not resell the CDs or give away the Audio Adventure streaming privileges I’m going to give you on our Live The Adventure Club site. The productions and the parent guides are for you and your family!

The second “small catch?” ... speaking of the Live The Adventure Club… really isn’t so much a catch… but more like a request. I’d like you to check out, explore and use…

FREE of charge for a year… all the resources on our Live The Adventure Club website…

Here’s why:

If you’d like to live stream our Adventures… you can do so on our new app.

The new app is your doorway to accessing even more wholesome listening and worldview curriculum resources. All designed to help parents instill a Christian Worldview in their kids… so I’m asking you to take a look at the resources we’ve put together for you and your kids there.

Resources like:

Coloring pages for our stories, our "Listen And Learn" program, free online books and "wholesome" history curriculum, inspirational stories and historical recipes, online quizzes, parenting articles, and worldview podcasts… an extremely valuable course on the U.S. Constitution worth $200.00; a veritable treasure trove of worldview activities and resources for you and the kids.

And I hope you can see that the “small catches” are, in fact, small catches. Pretty easy and effortless.

adventures in odyssey

“Executive Producer Bill Heid totally created a masterpiece.”

"I loved it.”

- Katie Leigh (Voice of Connie Kendall on Adventures in Odyssey (TM))

These are not audio books... they are "full-broadcast" audio productions.... that many of our customers call...

Again, I know you’ll love the Live The Adventure Club website… a year membership would normally cost $97.00 and it’s included this year too. But I’d also like to give you another great reward…

Your Reward For Reading This Far: 

Four More Bonus Gifts!

I’d also like you to have all 4 "Worldview" bonus gifts listed below… so please place your order before we run out. We have a very limited amount of Adventure Phones.

Special Gift #1 (Worth $20.00)

Our unpublished, in-house report: How Christian Audio Learning Can Increase Your Child's I.Q.

christian audio

Especially important given all the new studies coming out demonstrating just how dangerous screen time can be to your child’s cognitive growth.

And how increasing your child’s “audio only” time can help brain development.

That’s a $20-dollar value.


I’d also like you to have a free set of our Audio Adventure Head Phones!

Special Gift #2 (Worth $97.00)

A Free "Set" Of Our Audio Adventure Head Phones

These AdventurePhones come with our first four productions already installed. 

Even better: The AdventurePhones have enough memory to download all of our adventures...  up to 50 stories!

Special Gift #3 (Worth $200.00)

"Done For You" Parent Interaction Worldview Guides

"Done for you" guides are designed to make it easy to talk to your kids about important subjects in the stories. They also act as a curriculum guides if you would like to turn our audio adventures into more advanced learning lessons.

Special Gift #4 (Worth $97.00)

One Year… “Total Access” … To Our New Adventure App

best home school curriculum

Listen to all our stories on your phone or device!

If you add all 10 Give The Adventure Productions shown below (Worth roughly $300.00) to the free bonuses... 

All that would be over $700.00!

The good news... of course, is that you’re not going to pay anywhere near that… I talked my financial guys into lowering the price for a while. And considering everything that you get with this year’s Audio Adventure Worldview Offer… I think that’s fair.

 Hope This Special Pricing Helps!

So, when you claim your “Audio Adventure Worldview Package” by clicking on the button below…

you’re still going to pay just... 


$97.00 With Free Shipping And Handling.

It really is an unprecedented value! And considering the Awards for Excellence our Audio Adventures have received…

It’s also a frugal, but "high-value" investment in your family and maybe the best "high-value" Christian entertainment you can find.

 Here’s What You Should Do Right Now

So here’s what I recommend you do right now:

“Try out” the 2024 Audio Adventure Worldview Library today… right this minute, by clicking on the button below. You won’t risk a single penny. That’s because we offer a 100% money-back… lifetime guarantee.

How can we do that?

How can we offer a lifetime guarantee like that?

Well, you can only do that if you're absolutely sure... that what you're offering can make a difference... in the hearts and minds of the next generation.

It’s that simple. So please don’t wait… while it’s fresh in your mind… invest in your kids… invest in the next generation… and give a gift that’s going to have an impact for a long time down the road. And you never know… you might just be inspiring the next great Christian hero. 

Once you click on the order page below... you will be taken to our new (App friendly) Sunday School Adventures order page. It will be from this new page... that all digital bonuses and App access will be granted. Can't wait to show you the App!

You see, I firmly believe with all my heart… that investing in the next generation is the single best decision you can make and one that will reward your family for years to come. 

Blessings Ahead,

Bill Heid

Thanks for reading this message…

May God richly bless you and your family!

P.S. If you would like to purchase individual Heirloom Audio titles, you may do so by clicking here.

christian audio
Christian History Designed To Help Parents And Grandparents Frame A Christian Worldview For The Next Generation

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